Chrome first impressions

First 5-minute impressions:

  1. It has downloaded and installed seamless and quick, importing Firefox configuration.
  2. I have three tabs (start one, Chrome presentation and this blogger one), and 4 processes at the task manager. Total, 95MB. Firefox, with the same tabs, 60MB. They've already said that one tab - one process model would have some startup overcharge. I don't mind if it cleans memory as good as it should.
  3. Vista windows look... but optimized. No right, left or bottom border, and tabs are placed on the title bar, smaller than XP standard ones. Clean UI.
  4. Quick start page displays also last searches.
  5. Flickr Organizr works REALLY fast, and it doesn't make browser stop at all... Javascript is the key and reason of being of Chrome, that's sure...
  6. Moving through tabs isn't fast, it's instantaneous.
  7. Flash works from the very beginning.
Stay tuned :)